Discovery Solutions That Work The Way You Think

Relevance Media provides rapid information analysis solutions for both data and text.  Relevance Media solutions are driven by a core philosophy that the user should have the power to interact with information in the most productive way possible.

We help people find ideas, issues and trends buried in information. Whether in a blog, Twitter, a call center database, a warranty claim, an email or a spreadsheet of survey results, the answers are there.

Relevance Media connects people to answers while minimizing time and resource requirements. Relevance Media solutions amplify the human ability to understand content and context, for example:

  • Customer Experience – Social Media and Call Center Data
    Know what your market is saying and how you should respond.
  • Market and Strategic Intelligence
    Know the competitive environment to move quickly and decisively.
  • Political Campaign Support – Voter Intelligence
    Identify and engage voters who connect with your message.

Relevance Media defines a new standard of excellence in information exploration, search and discovery. Our solutions can be operational in a matter of hours – consuming much less time and expense than traditional software implementations.

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